From the birth of professional football through New England’s victory in Super Bowl XXXVIII, nfl-history is committed to provide you the historical information on all the National Football League (NFL) teams. This site features information for the most avid football fan who is keen to know how these teams came into existence and what makes them unique. The most important part of the modern football era is the chronology that led up to it. At nfl-history you are facilitated to look at the NFL’s most important developments, and check out those who made football great at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Various teams have dominated during different decades and some have proven that they can reinvent themselves and always be competitive irrespective of the period. Information on the various teams’ championship titles, team colors, owners and most dominant players in their respective team and the league.

    This and more is what nfl history is all about

    This and more is what nfl history is all about. Most of the modern editions of football originated in England. In the succeeding centuries football gained a momentum and became so popular that various English monarchs, including Edward II and Henry VI, prohibited the game because it took away interest away from the military sport of archery. In the 19th century, football split into two distinct units. Still popular today, these two sports were soccer and rugby. American football has evolved from these two sports. The first league of professional football teams was the American Professional Football Association, formed in 1920. The American Professional Football Association formed the basis of the NFL in 1922. Red Grange, provided an incredible motivation for the league when he joined the Chicago Bears in 1925. His exciting play was so effective that it drew large crowds. From then on, professional football the increased support made the league economically practicable. The two teams that dominated the league in terms of success in the postseason are San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys who between them have ten Super Bowl titles. Texas based businessman Lamar Hu

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